FareTrackAPI offers real-time, scalable and on-demand data to decision systems

Enterprise-level data services via real-time APIs and on-demand data services

Dynamic pricing systems require accurate and current market data. Parity issues, ever-changing customer options and new booking channels means a more complex competitive landscape. Our real-time APIs and customized data feeds give reliable access to accurate, up-to-the-minute market data that airlines can rely on.

Real-time fare, route and parity tracking via an easy-to-use dashboard

FareTrack is a ground-breaking, data-integrated business intelligence application for airline pricing professionals. It provides the user with a powerful array of controls and analysis including real-time rate checking features, cross-channel parity analysis and more.

FareTrack is a real-time shopping management system for competitive route, fare, and parity
tracking for airlines of any size

FareTrack Reports delivers accessible market data to inboxes every morning

Daily market reports delivered to your inbox for a few dollars per month

FareTrack Reports provide daily snapshot route pricing reports to airline professionals for only a few dollars per month. Ideal for the quick-check on specific channels or routes, FareTrack Reports are a populated, templated spreadsheet that arrives in your inbox every morning.

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