Aggregate Intelligence VP Strategy, Kris Glabinski, will be chairing the 7th Pricing & Revenue Management Summit this March in Germany.

The 7th Pricing & Revenue Management Summit is one of the most prestigious events of its type, attracting senior revenue management professionals from some of the world’s largest brands, including revenue leaders from the hospitality and travel industry. The event will take place between the 14th and 15th of March 2024, in Berlin, Germany. A core focus of the summit will be the exploration of next-gen pricing solutions, revenue management software, and the best practices in today’s dynamic market, allowing attendees to stay ahead of their competition by improving pricing principles, focusing on customer satisfaction, and improving their monetization efforts. This edition will focus on AI tools, automation software, data analytics, demand forecasting, and personalization techniques.

Key topics Kris will be leading discussions on include:
  • Balancing First-Time Buyers, Customer Retention, and Long-Term Revenue Growth
  • Using Machine Learning and AI to Analyze Large Data Sets to Improve Dynamic Pricing & Maximize Revenue
  • Innovative Pricing Strategies for Virtual Economies and Digital Experiences
  • Leveraging AI Algorithms to Optimize Subscription-based Pricing Models
  • Enhancing Demand Forecasting Accuracy with AI & Advanced Analytics for Precise Revenue Planning & Optimization
  • Price Discrimination, Fairness, Transparency, and the Impact of Pricing Decisions on Customer Trust and Brand Reputation

Join Kris, as well as leading speakers from the likes of Schneider Electric, Google, PepsiCo, Babbel,
and Barcelo Hotel Group by registering at