StorTrack’s latest enhancement to Explorer, the industry’s preferred market analysis platform, helps you quickly review and compare operators. With just a few clicks, view and download a complete list of all operators in the market, along with insights into their current rates, units currently offered, property information and marketing activity.

The new enhancements are available now and can be found under the All Stores List found within the top navigation bar.

New: All Stores List Now Downloadable

You asked for it, we listened. The list of all stores in the market, including their details (property size, tax and sales information, rates, marketing activity, etc.), is now available to be downloaded as an Excel file.

To download, clock the Excel or PDF icon in the far right corner.

New Updates: Unit Rate Availability

This is a view of all stores within the market and the unit types they are currently advertising online or have advertised in the past. You can now filter this store list to show you only specific unit types (such as benchmark sizes, parking, climate-controlled, etc.). The purpose of this view is to quickly see what types of units operators in this market offer.

New: Current Rates

This is a view of all stores within the market and their current advertised rates. By default, you will see the Consolidated View, which gives you a range of rates for any units advertised by the stores. You can also filter this list to view only specific unit types (such as benchmark sizes, parking, climate-controlled, etc.)

These rates can also be downloaded.

To view more details on the rates offered by the stores in the market, click on Detailed View. Here you will see the rates currently advertised by unit type, features, last time the stores updated the rate and more.

New: Effective Rates

Also new in the All Stores List is the Effective Rates section. Effective Rate is the price the renter pays for a storage unit after factoring in a promotion. The calculation has to be performed over a specific tenancy length. Here you can now view the effective rates for all stores in the market. You can filter this list to view the rates for only specific unit types and to view the rates for a specified tenancy length.

Learn more about effective rates here.

Explorer is StorTrack’s market analysis platform for self-storage operators, investors and developers. Explorer is available for the evaluation of any primary, secondary and tertiary market in the US, Canada and the UK. Sign up free to start evaluating self-storage markets.

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